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What our beta-testers are saying…

Morris Contreras
The time and frustration this tool has already saved us added to the extra quality it’s brought to our youth programs is a blessing. We love it!” Mauricio Zuniga, Youth Minister,  Ecuador
Elke Gulden
My head is buzzing with ideas now and it’s given me an edge.” Elke Gulden, Educator, Germany
I was happy with the books I had before, but I’m so much happier with this database now! It allows me to find exactly what my groups need within seconds, from a cell phone if I want to. Highly recommended.” Florent Sciard, Corporate Trainer, France
Florent Sciard
“My kids and husband love the games. We love playing them in the evening, and in the car too! It’s a never-ending source of fun and laughter. I also like the fact that I can easily find online activities for work .” Emma Williams, Activity Director, USA
Emma Williams
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