1. Act like a monkey until your next turn.
2. Act like a statue until it is your turn again (no talking or moving).
3. Act out a favorite scene from a movie.
4. Ask the person on your left to select a dare for you.
5. Become the slave of another player of your choosing for 10 minutes.
6. Call every player ‘your majesty’ for 5 rounds.
7. Everything you say for the next 10 minutes must be sung to the tune of “Happy birthday”.
8. Keep a straight face as the others do their best to make you laugh for one minute.
9. Make a fish face for the next 5 minutes.
10. Make a poem using the words orange and moose.
11. Make animal sounds for a minute straight.
12. Make up a president’s inauguration speech.
13. Make up a story about the closest item to your right.
14. Massage your left neighbor’s shoulders for 1 minute.
15. Pair up with a member of the opposite sex. You two are a happy couple about to have your first baby. For 5 minutes you must act out a birth scene.
16. Pretend that you are an airplane for 2 minutes.
17. Pretend that you are underwater for the next 10 minutes.
18. Pretend to be the person on your right for 10 minutes.
19. Repeat each of your sentences twice for the next 10 minutes.
20. Say “ya heard meh” after everything you say for the next 10 minutes.
21. Say the words “in bed” after everything you say for the next 10 minutes.
22. Talk for 1 minute while holding your tongue.
23. Talk for 60 seconds without closing your mouth.
24. Talk with a weird accent for 2 rounds.
25. Wear a finger mustache for the next 5 minutes.
26. Whenever someone says “Like” you must say “There you go again” for the next hour.
27. Whisper for 2 rounds.
28. You have to do the next dare someone else gets together with them.
29. You must ask the group for permission to use the bathroom for the rest of the event/night.

Dare Required
30. Be spoon-fed peanut butter by the person opposite you, who must perform this blindfolded. Spoon, peanut butter, blindfold
31. Being blindfolded, touch somebody and try to recognize him/her. Blindfold
32. Call any nearby store and ask them if they deliver popcorn. Phone
33. Color one of your front teeth black. Black marker
34. Do a model runway walk. Includes Music
35. Do the worm dance. Includes Music
36. Draw a moustache and keep it until the end of the game. Charcoal
37. Draw a self-portrait using your toes. Pen and paper
38. Eat 1 teaspoon of mustard, soy sauce, or hot sauce. 1 spoon, Mustard, soy sauce, or hot sauce
39. Eat a pudding cup without using your hands. Plate, pudding, napkin
40. Fill your mouth with water and try singing a song. Water
41. Have a deep and meaningful conversation with a broom. Broom
42. Let others paint on your face. (Or apply makeup blindfolded). Face paint, blindfolds
43. Make a headdress out of toilet paper and pose for photos. Toilet paper roll
44. Peel a banana using only your feet and toes. 1 banana
45. Pick up a potato from a chair with your buttocks/thighs. Walk over to a bowl with it still firmly gripped and drop it into a bowl. 1 potato
46. Put lipstick on the nearest man – blindfolded. Lipstick, Blindfold
47. See how many ice cubes you can fit in your mouth at one time. Ice cubes
48. Select someone. Brush their teeth. 1 toothbrush
49. Sing a song chosen by the group while eating spoonful of peanut butter. Spoon, peanut butter
50. Let your neighbor on the right smear peanut butter all over your face for a 10-minute facial. Spoon, peanut butter, water, napkins

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